Friday, August 3, 2007

Thursday Gathering

As many of y'all know and some have experienced, we attempt to have friends and folks who later become our friends to our home each Thursday evening and many Sunday evenings. Last night we had the Grices (minus Merrill), Lee Monts, Annie of the Parker and Annie Pages, Lyndsey of the MWSNL Lyndsey, SV Harder (Scott) and Leisel Boyd (Leisel, just like The Sound of Music). This was the first time we had SV and Leisel over on a Thursday as we have had the pleasure of their company on a couple of Sunday evenings. SV works for the DNR as a hydrologist and Leisel works for a pediatric's office as a nurse. This was an enjoyable group with lots of laughter and good conversations. Mrs. Grice recruited SV and Leisel to be a part of the children's rotation. Some may think that this is why we had them over. IT IS NOT!!! We grilled hamburgers, the Grices brought their famous baked beans and some fresh tomatoes from Bob Maghan. We also found out this evening that the Grices have placed an offer on a home in the Forest Hills part of town and it was accepted. So now we must pray that their home in Blythewood with 4 ACRES sells. Lee brought some wonderful strawberries which went well with the watermelon. To top of the meal was dessert which was good ole' ice cream on ICE CREAM CONES (brought by Scott and Leisel). Thank you to all for blessing our home.

Earlier in the day was we were preparing the food for this gathering, we changed jmejr's clothing and gave him several pieces of watermelon still on the rind. He never had this before and it appeared (photos below and on our web album) that he thoroughly enjoyed it and we believe would have continued to eat them until he was red, but we had to stop him after 3 pieces.

After jmejr finished his first piece and handed it to Belle, he turned around and looked at me and said his famous, "Uh Oh!" as if she took it from him. He did not mind as he had another in reserve.

jmejr showing Ratadah his new ipod which Monty painted for him.

Now go on over to our web album and check out the rest. For some reason, the camera filing has done something with the numbering where the files uploaded are now being placed in the middle of the others. So do not just look at the last pictures and think we have not added any, they are placed within the "older" pictures.

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Grace, mercy and peace be with you!