Tuesday, July 31, 2007

From Coffee to Courtship

Following is a story which has been transpiring for several months now and we are able to break the story. We have been given an exclusive interview with one Jay Shreve, formerly of Cool Beans of Columbia, South Carolina, who has been in Louisville, Kentucky, not only pursuing a Nursing Degree but also one who has caught his heart. The Lord has seen fit to bring, what appears and sounds like, such a wonderful lady into our friend's life and has been preparing him for her. We wish you both "best wishes" and "congratulations".

(please note, that I could not do justice to edit this interview and for the story to have the same temperment.)

GFP Writer: So, Jay, tell me what has been going with you since our last posting and reporting of a sighting of you at our previous blog, by our Staff Reporter Bernard P. Fife?

JS: Joshua,

Well, it is official! I have proposed to Miss Lynn Blakeman, and she has said YES! I waited to update you until I had such advancing news, but thought of you often along the way. The story in brief, as best I can be brief!

BackGround: You may remember I met Lynn in January of this year. My nursing school class was participating in ear/eye checks at a local community center in Louisville, Ky. There was a break in the action, and we were invited to sit in on an English language class given for Somali refugees located here in Louisville. A young lady walked in to begin teaching, came over to our nursing group of about eight students, and politely inquired as to why we were there. She was so sweet and engaging at that moment, even though she made no eye contact with me. I was really drawn to here even at that moment.

She began to teach class, and there was such a dearness to her speech and countenance, and she showed such care for these Somali ladies, that I thought surely this girl must be a believer! Well, during a break, I moseyed my way over to her, and we chatted for a bit. I asked her, after some smaller talk, where she worshipped. This took her back just a bit, for just a moment, but she rallied quickly, and we were caught up in great conversation for a few minutes more. She went back to teaching the class, and I took my seat and began to daydream of her, essentially envisioning us at the alter together. Snapping to it, I decided it was best if I asked her out first! I prayed for wisdom in asking her out with respect (I had not asked a girl out since I was saved… five+ years), took a deep breath, and somehow blurted out an invitation for coffee (no great stretch). She said yes!

Fast-forward several months later. Many cups of coffee, long walks, time with her family, worshipping in the same body together!, time with her friends (now mine), etc. The Lord has been majestic in bringing us together, in sanctifying both of us throughout this entire courtship. It has bee an utter display of His grace and mercy!

The details: Lynn was at a missions conference for language ministries at Oklahoma Baptist University at the beginning of this month. While she was away, I called up her father in Owensboro, Ky, and asked if I could come to his house to ask him a question (thanks to Pastor Legare for the encouragement to set the tone by making the trip and humbly asking for his blessing at his house). Her father, mother, and I had such blessed time together that evening, and they were gracious hosts throughout. Dr. Blakeman quickly and heartily offered his permission and blessing, and proceeded to offer Godly insight and encouragement to me. He voiced that he had only one requirement of the man his daughter would marry, and that was that “he would know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Well, I was certainly humbled and honored to be a part of such a family!

I’ll speed up. She came back into town. I raced to the jeweler to order the ring! I enlisted the help of Lynn’s two roommates (both also studying Biblical Counseling at Southern Seminary) and my younger sister. We all went out to dinner at one of the Somali lady’s restaurants, then to see Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure on Tuesday the 3rd of July. My sister held the ring in the box in her purse throughout the performance, and we made the switch after the show. Her roommates begged off just after the applause, and Lynn and I were left to go for a stroll in Central Park (where the play took place). After a bit of a nervous stroll, I motioned us toward a park bench. I took the opportunity to lay out my vision of a life together, how I wanted to serve others, then come together and nourish and be refreshed by each other, then return to pouring ourselves out, etc. She was unaware of my intentions I can often be so sentimental and wordy, and because she truly had no idea I had spoken with her father, knew her ring size, etc. We had never had such conversations. By the way, while she was in Oklahoma, I had breakfast with her beautiful roommates, and they were kind enough to procure a ring that I could have sized!

Anyway, I reached into the pocket while dropping to one knee, looked up at her with the lamplight behind her face, and asked her to marry me. After a bit of a stunned pause, she said yes!! We had precious time together, alone in the moment. Then back to her house where others were waiting with cameras!

Not such a short story, Josh! We will be wed, Lord willing, Saturday, September 29th (What happened on this day, other than it being the day before Whitefield died in 1770: Link 1; Link 2; Link 3; Link 4)at 11:30 in the morning! We both earnestly agreed that a short engagement was best, and we are diligently working to pull things together! Her family and mine have had great time together thus far, and I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet so many of the important people in her life already. That following weekend we went to Owensboro where we had dinner with her hometown pastors and their wives, then fellowship at a dessert drop-in with about thirty of her family’s friends, then church at Heritage Baptist. I am thrilled to write that she comes from a heritage of mighty and beautiful believers.

An invitation and pictures are forthcoming. I hope you can summarize this info, mightily, for the blog. Josh, we are too excited. I know that this is too great a journey for the crew in SC, but we do desire to come worship with all of you soon!

Loving the blog, still. Lynn Googled us just recently, and she was tickled to see your blog be the first thing to pop up.

By the way, have you listened to Red Mountain recordings (website; blog)? Would be a great addition to your “Resources” category. Red Mountain Music is doing mighty work!!

Call with any questions, and love to talk with you!


Grace, mercy and peace be with you!


Lauren said...

I am completely, totally, madly in love with the writer of this blog. His wife is one blessed lady.