Saturday, August 4, 2007


As mentioned in previous posts, Fridays are boy days. JMEjr did our 9:00 class at Gymboree, where he learned about CIRCLES. It is always fun. With the exception of JMEjr being one of two children there, it was fine. The other child was not too interactive so it made the corporate games a little difficult to do, but the teacher yesterday who happens to be the owner also, seems to know a lot about child development and was able to take what the boys were doing and see the "good" in it. Afterwards we drove over to WCC and had a snack on the way. He was in a great mood all morning. We were both excited to be at the pool again. My WLW and his WM were to meet us there with CJE. We did the usual, changing of clothes on him, throwing all the toys into the pool, daddy jumping in several times making splashes. I felt like it was time. Prior to her getting there, I grabbed JMEjr and led him into the pool, me carrying him. After some (very short time, like 10-15 seconds) fussing, he calmed down and I distracted him with a toy that squirts and had him squirt daddy and try to squirt water really far. He stayed with me in the water for several minutes (longest he ever did it). I was very pleased and encouraged him with words like "JMEjr YOU WERE IN THE POOL", "YOU ARE SOOO BRAVE", "WHAT A BIG BOY". And kept saying that over and over again. All of these words come back up later on when I am on the telephone with the owner/manager/caretaker of WCC and jmejr hears me speaking with him and begins to yell out, "Daddy, dahdahda IN. BRAVE. dahdahda IN, BRAVE". It was great. The man on the phone with me was smiling hearing the news. . . So when my WLW comes and finally gets cje down inside, she does a wonderful 10 Score dive and swims to jmejr and he and I spoke earlier about allowing mommy to see him in the water. He was ok with it but really did not like going fast in the water or going in circles and wanted out. Later on he goes back in with me and stays in for another good while (minutes). Soo, patience brings progress. We shall return this morning for another round.

CJE - he has been moving around soo much. The doctor believes he is in the 3% of his age because he is moving around soo much. He was shocked the other day to see him crawl as much as he is at the age which he is. We go back in a week or so to get him weighed again. Yesterday, I was playing with jmejr and looked around and could not find cje and looked for him. He had crawled out of the living room and was making his way down the hall to the kitchen, where our wonderful homemaker was located, preparing Sundays meal. SHE IS SOOO GOOD AND SOOO GORGEOUS!!! CJE is pretty incredible with his crawling.

JMEjr - his words and sentence structure continue to develop. He actually said a full sentence with proper placement of words (better than I do) yesterday. I was placing deordorant on and he said, "Excuse me daddy. I would like some please." So I placed the cap on the deodorant and placed some on him. We've been doing that for some time, but never has he asked like that before.

WLW - continues to be encouraged by God's Word each day. Her enjoyment of His Word is one to be desired by all.

For Now.

Grace, mercy and peace be with you!