Saturday, August 4, 2007

The "What..." Stage

Oh yeah, by the way, JMEjr is in the "What..." and the occasional "where..." stage.

"What is it?"
"Where are they?"
"Where is it?"

He has also begun to say more regularly, "I LIKE it." When referring to just about anything. This morning when I went in to his room to get him, I opened his shades and as I do, I speak with him about what I am doing. After openinmg all 3 shades I say, "all three are opened." He comes back with, "I LIKE it."

When I go to make his bed, I place a 2nd pillow on his bed and he asks, "What are you doing?". I tell him I am making his bed and placinmg a second pillow on his bed, he says, "I LIKE 2 pillows."

Fun stage. Will the "why?" stage be coming next?

Joshua M. Espinosa

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