Sunday, July 29, 2007

Missing it?

  • Here is a post from The Christian Post which offers what some may see as a good thing. But have you or they not read more about what Disney does promote. This seems to be like something that Disney is doing to, "offer them a bone". "Them", being the Christtian Ministries which are praising Disney. Does anyone not recall the "bones" which Disney throughs to feminist groups and homosexuals? For the Christian Ministries to be grabbing hold of this and applauding Disney is almost embarrassing. Allow the foundations and folks who run the No Smoking ads to jump on this.
  • Our friend at writes an interesting article which I have had the same thoughts about and have spoken to many about also and I trust will stir a thought in you today. I can no longer support or visit (not that I have done so alot in my life time) the local Christian Bookstores. This is not something I did just when some of them begun to open on the Lord's Day, but have done prior to that for many years.
Last night we had a gathering at the lake with a group of brothers and sisters. There is a a group of young men (as I get older, the age for younger seems to grow greater) which pray several Tuesday mornings a month at 6:15. It was started several years ago. We have been given the name, "Sons of Issachar". We gathered together with our families and to fellowship with one another and allow our families time together. It was an enjoyable time. Acts 2 was exampled last night.

As always, pictures of our family are being added almost daily to our Picase Web Album. You can also find a slideshow on the left sidebar, near the bottom of it.

Grace, mercy and peace be with you!
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