Monday, July 30, 2007

Doesn't Happen Everyday

Sitting at my desk in the office and my BB's imitation iPhone ringer sets off. I look at see that it is my WLW calling. I answer and say, "Helloooo", the way I usually do. She says hey and says she is sorry to bother me but. . . And I can tell she has either had a difficult morning or something is wrong. I'll take the latter as I can usually fix things, not too good at being sympathetic (which is what is required for the former). She goes on to tell me this story of how she is at Publix, finished shopping, goes to her vehicle with CJE in tow (JMEjr is with NeeNee), and sees a lady in her vehicle trying to start it. She double-takes to make sure it is her vehicle. And it is! "Now what? Is she stealing my car?" pops into my WLW's mind. She proceeds closer to the vehicle and looks into the window and waves to the lady (my WLW is sooo bold and brave). She waves back and notices that this BLACK Ford Explorer looks nothing like her BLUE-ish SUV. They speak, she aplogizes then leaves in the winning vehicle that starts with the proper key in her hand. Now my WLW has difficulty starting the vehicle. When I arrive I see her with a brilliant smile on her face and on cje's. She looks wonderful and very pleased to see me. We exchange hellos and some PDA, I place my key for her vehicle in the ignition and it will not turn. I do the steering wheel jiggle and try the key again, it turns. I ask for her key and place it in the ignition, start it up, turn the air on for her and she is quite pleased that it starts, apologizes to me. I give her a big smile and thank her for giving me the opportunity to break in the day to see her. She offers to make me a sandwich (she is soooo sweet!!!) And I say that I deserve sushi and after goodbyes I trot off to the seafood section of Publix and get some 'Stardust Combo'. Mmmmmmm.

My first thought was, 'This is worth blogging'. All are well and are continuing with the day.

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