Thursday, July 26, 2007

CJE's First Experience at Doc's

Sadly to say, our usual waitress, Brandy, was not working at Doc's. The waitress we had, was not waitressing well and would rather have stayed on her cellular phone the entire time. The Music was really good. They were "ON". Our niece, Hannah, joined us. She is spending this week with Gramps and Neenee attending Zoo KinderCamp at Riverbanks Zoo. She seemed to enjoy her time. It is fun to see her with our boys. A nice crowd last night. Not too many people, but enough to encourage the Flat Out Strangers.

CJE did good. He was held most of the night but a variety of folks. JMEjr was a little rowdy. He did not dance or sing. Played mostly and had the occasional "Overstimuli" wining due to too many distractions and "parental units" giving him more options than he needed.

Have fun with these photos.

Grace, mercy and peace be with you!

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