Wednesday, August 15, 2007

MMMMmmm, something suspicious

I am told that something has occurred in a city about 1.5 hours from us toward Augusta where horse farms are rather large, but this occurrence has nothing to do with horses, or it may (location could not be disclosed). A friend of mine who works for somebody or some people or body, went there the other night for a meeting with some others. A fellow employee already lives there and met him there along with someone else who flew in from out of town. They met with a group of people in a room which was very warm and close quarters for 2 hours or so (time could not be disclosed). They seemed to accomplish what was set before them. A cool thing was that they opened up with prayer and then the pledge of allegiance. There may have been between 4 and 8 people or slightly more there (numbers could not be disclosed). He was able to come home that evening, late though.

Mmmmmm. Crazy huh?

Moblogged, friends