Thursday, September 6, 2007

A New Aunt?

Our boys are probably the only ones who have soo many honorary uncles and aunts. We may have, if she would have it, have another honorary aunt. It will really only work-out well if she were to take up a position in Columbia though. If she ends up not taking a job here, she can be an aunt but only on visitations. She, whom we are writing of is, Megan or "Doc Doc Doc Meg Meg" as jmejr refers to her as.

She is so great with the children. By the end of Spring 2008, she will have additional letters added to the end of her name which already has some lettering. She has a P.H.D. in something and will be getting some kind of special needs lettering in dentistry. Doc Doc Doc Meg Meg was a roommate of Aunt Annies while A.A. was in Charleston. She was a maid of honor in the Pages wedding. When she graduates in Spring she will have been in post graduate studies for nine years. Crazy. I'm not ev
en sure I was in elementary, jr and senior high combined for that long, but may have been working at my college undergrad studies had I not gone into full-time work.
Doc Doc Meg Meg, we welcome you as a honorary Aunt (ant) into our family. Birthdays are as follows: JME - 2/19; LKE - 3/2; JMEjr - 6/1 (was suppose to be 5/31 but due to a previous engagement we changed the date, ask us about it sometime); CJE - 1/12. Our anniversary is 7/6. Oh yeah, my WLW loves to celebrate half-birthdays. You can ask her to explain those to you.

Tonight when our family left, jmejr wanted to take a shower. First time he ever initiated that. He seemed to enjoy it immensley.

Grace, mercy and peace be with you!