Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Flat Out Strangers Tonight!

Is this YOU?..
You heard the Flat Out Strangers one fine evenin' and they made yer foot tap uncontrollably. Their heartfelt songs made ye pull out yer hankie to dab a runaway tear or two, and toot yer smeller real loud 'cause ye ain't had nothin' choke ye up like that since Grandma put the rhubarb in the strawberry preserves.
Well, fear not, oh ye merry gentlefolk! And kin.
Yer days of wishin' ye could put aside yer reglar sponsatilities in order to go see the Flat Out Strangers are over. You CAN put yer work to the side and come see the Strangers. How? Simple. All ye gotta do is put yer work to the side, and come see the Strangers. Make sense?
Hope that's clear.  Johnnie, Sputtie, Doc Sheerhorn and Kornie ciphered it out for all of ye. That's why we're writin' ye. 
Thank ye and see ye on the tomorry, the 5th of Septembree at Doc's Gumbo Grille, home of the Flat Out Strangers - every other Wednesday. (Both shoes preferred, please.
Not a sure cure for rheumatism, but a great start, agreed to by most...
Johnnie, Sputtie, Doc Sheerhorn, and Kornie 
With guests a plenty and often and special
Doc's Gumbo Grille
Where swamp style vittlins are always served hot, fresh and easy on the cookie jar. Where the kids are always welcome, and where the Flat Out Strangers play acoustic style during fer yer dinner  - startin' at 6:46 sharp - for nothin' more than to see ye toot yer smeller.


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