Monday, September 3, 2007

Clarke Bynum

From the heart of the pastor:

"Dear Saints,

A prince of the Church has experienced the translation of his membership from the Church militant to the Church triumphant. This oak of righteousness was at war with his age because he dwelt at the mercy seat of God's Savior as though it was his home – and it was and is. Heaven is more like heaven today than it has ever been. The Vine had not another seed for Clarke to sow, not another plant for him to nurture, not another vine for him to train, so it was his season to receive the blessing that the sacrifice of Jesus merited to him.

I know of no man who more perfectly taught us all to press further and further into the presence of our Kinsman. I know of no 40ish saint who was/is more embroidered with the likeness of His Redeemer. I know of no other giant among men who thought what he taught, preached what he taught and lived what he taught. He spoke with seraphic authority and unchallenged boldness about the God who is, the Christ who saves and the Holy Spirit who sanctifies the saved.

Oh, that we all might be as bespangled with holy glory as our brother Clarke. Though his mortality has ceased, his life, influence and affect shall speak to generations upon generations even as the blood of Abel. He has now completed his journey to the City of God – the city of gold, frankincense and myrrh until our precious Lord returns with His redeemed to gather His beloved from all the nations to Himself.

In Clarke Bynum's life, suffering and death, he modeled constancy, diligence, sobriety, strength of mind and unswerving Christian character. May we all become imitators of Christ even as our saintly brother modeled.

Numbers 6:24-26"

Soli Deo Gloria!


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