Monday, August 27, 2007

Staff Advance 2007

If we are quiet or you hear of no news about our children it is because we have advanced to Bonclarken ARP Conference Center in Flat Rock, NC.
JMEjr is with his cousins in Greenville. My brother continues to worry me by saying, "your son is going to leave here with some really bad habits". He has said it about 5 or 6 times. JMEjr stayed with them last year but he was only 16 months old. The cousins were very happy to see him. He was not so sure of all the excitement but by the time we left, he seemed well adjusted and settled in.
On another note, Joanna sliced her finger really bad, like almost took the tip off, a good size chunck. When we got there she was not there. She was at a friends home who is a doctor getting some third-world treatment.

Well CJE slept very well last night. As so did we.

Cooler up here. Mountain weather. Moist, damp, foggy, misty, and pleasant.


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Parker said...

No live-blogging of the Staff Advance?