Friday, August 24, 2007

A Quick, but Worthy Visit

Last night we received word that Gramps' sister and daughter will be driving through SC on the way to bringing her to Penn State, where she is a JUNIOR. The last time I saw Calise, she was maybe 2ish years of age, NOW a JUNIOR. We all agreed that it would be easier for our home if we all just met at The Haven for breakfast. They showed up at our home at about 8:30ish this morning where we had coffee and fruit ready and Gramps and Neenee brought Panera bagels. It was crazy to see Calise and see the resemblance with her and Brenna (WHOM WE HAVE NOT HEARD FROM IN LIKE FOREVER). Aunt Carol looks as young as her daughters and Calise has gotten much taller in these 18ish years since seeing her. I guess that happens.

Come to find out Calise is majoring in Math Education for High School. Yeah, once she said that I knew I could not talk more about that as it was taking everything I could to just think about what all entailed in mathematics for high school...So we talked about what all she is involved with while not studying and watched our boys fall in love with our aunt and cousin and remembered Camp Costello. Calise is Brenna's sister, the youngest of the three siblings. Our boys loved these two young ladies and jmejr was sad to see them go, but boy did he put on a show for them to remember him by. Calise also made an impression by jumping right in and playing with him.

They will be shooting for Pennsylvania today and should make it within 9 hours, maybe 10. Our prayers are with them as they travel and we prayed that Calise would look to do those things which please our God and that He would keep her safe and focused this school year.

Grace, mercy and peace be with you