Saturday, August 11, 2007

Our Summer at the "Westminster Country Club"

Our summer at Westminster Country Club has been a blessing. The club owners have been hospitable and gracious to allow our family the use of the facilities. In the past 6 weeks our jmejr has gone from not wanting to be in the pool to now walking to the steps and going down himself. He went from I'm ok with being in the pool but I do not want to go down the slide nor want to do anything that will not have my hand on someone's shoulder gripping them tightly to watch how many times I can go down the slide or look at me on the blue boat (which is a boogie board) or on the alligator or "hey Lahlah, spin me fast please!". Incredible! It has been fun. I'm glad that there were challenges like this this summer. It taught my WLW and I more about our children and more about parenting. It would have been too easy if at the first siight of the water jmejr would have jumped in and not have been as hesitant.

After our morning experience and us sharing what all jmejr did with my precious wife and his mother, we went back to the pool that evening. We invited my parents and Lahlah to join us and made it into a Zesto's dinner. Originally I had thought yesterday was my mother's last day at work, but I came to find out that it is today. So it was a celebration of her almost last day of work party at the pool.

Getting ready to go back to the pool for the 2nd time on Friday.

JMEjr with party hat and all

CJE having too good of a time

JMEjr showing off his muscles to Neenee

From the 3rd step to the 4th step

"enough already" he says to the photographer

Grace, mercy and peace be with you!