Friday, August 24, 2007


Tonight, the family were all sitting outside (yes, even though it was 90ish degrees at 8:00pm) and were listening to cicadas, as they were extremely loud tonight and watching bats fly. JMEjr loved it. We talked about what the bats ate and he could not get it out of his mind that daddy was not sure if they ate cicadas (sp?). I kept telling him that I was not sure but I did know that bats ate insects and misquitos. At one point after I told him that bats ate misquitos he said, "mmmmmm, yummy."

Bats were everywhere. And he kept telling us "Another one! Another one! Another one!"

Oh btw, we did have a fan out there and in all honesty, it was very pleasant. Oh yeah, since placing a regular bed in jmejr's room, we removed the rocking chair and placed it back outside. So now we have two back on the front porch.


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