Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Homegrown Haircut

JMEjr's regular hairstylist has undergone an operation on her hand. Please keep her in your prayers. Due to that, many who are fortunate to have her as a barber/stylist are now sporting shaggies on their head, jmejr was one of them. We spoke it over with jmejr last night and made a special "mommy-haircut" sound soo good, he was running to the kitchen today with clippers in hand for a first time mommy cut. She was nervous but did not show it. JMEjr was excited and after having a delicious homemade calzone made with broccoli and chicken settling in his stomach, made my WLW and his mother, feel sooo special by being soo happy about getting a haircut, that all were ready to go and get it down. We played a game with the clippers first and he seemed ok with it. Clipped on the guards to the clipper and she went to work. JMEjr was handling it soo well. We were shocked. About half way through with half the hair cut off, my precious, sensitive WLW became very quiet and sullen. Her eyes watered and she was sad to see his hair go. She said he looks much older now. She kept it together and pulled through and with about 5 minutes left, he became very ancee (sp?) and ready for it to be over. In the end, my WLW did a spectacular job. You are awesome sweetie.

CJE wants in. He has become such a crawler. I mean, really. He is ALL over the place. I was in the bathroom with jmejr for his bath and next thing I know, cje has made his way from the kitchen to the bathroom on his own.

If you are not looking, these shots are about all you'll see of cje.

JMEjr has become an excellent cje-watcher. He will also come and tell you when cje has either eaten something that he may should not have or that he has lost his paci (which if you listen, you will hear this before jmejr tells you.

We have a bet going when cje will be crawling on hands and knees rather than the army-man which he currently does and does so well.

With the weather being in the 100's, we have allowed Belle to stay in the basement. On occasion, trust us, very rare occasion, she has come up stairs to see the boys. They LOVE it.

Grace, mercy and peace be with you!