Friday, August 31, 2007

Fridays are For Boys and it is Fun

This morning JMEjr and I went to the zoo. I would say that I was inspired to go, but it was more like jmejr waking up talking about animals. So maybe I was subconciously prodded to go by my son. Jitterbug and my WLW went for a walk and who knows what else.

At the zoo we went directly to the seals but was stopped on the way by a pair of Brown Bears who were showing off. One had just come out of the water. From there we went to the sleeping, inactive seals and then on to the invisible elephants who apparently do not wake up as early as the zoo opens and we ended up coming back just as they were walking out. At this time is when jmejr had his juice and snack. We then went to ride the carousel for the 2nd time after making our way through the fish and reptiles. Earlier we had a close encounter of the gorillas and escaped with no cuts. We saw every animal at least once but did see some 2 or 3 times. This was probably the most unorganized route I ever took but was fun. At leaving each exhibit jmejr said goodbye and never forgot to with any of them.

Pictures will come when we get home. (11:20ish)

We are now home, here are some pictures. (2:50ish)

A new hat that was given to us and left at my desk in the office.

A close encounter

This was what he wanted to ride on his SECOND carousel ride.

Another close encounter

More on our Picasa Web Album.

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