Monday, August 20, 2007

Flat Out Space Aliens, Doc's This Wednesday night, Special Guest, Great Cajun Food, More...

Space Aliens Hatch Sinister Rockabilly Plot

In a recent discovery, Majestic 12 just confirmed that members of the local Rockabilly band Flat Out Strangers were actually "pod people" who have masquerading as human beings for over 2000 years!

An almost unbelievable discovery in Piltdown, SC, revealed cave drawings well over 1999.5 years old, depicting a red Gretsch guitar, a handmade Scheerhorn resophonic guitar, a sparkling set of Ludwig drums, and a big bull bass with modern electrics installed under the floorboards, being held in the hands of four extremely handsome homo sapiens wearing what can only be described as primitive pompadours and bowling shirts! Although the faces are somewhat unclear, the seem to bear a startling resemblance to members of the little known local aforementioned band.

Majestic 12, in an unusual display of straightforwardness, told reporters from the Piltdown Press that they had been tracking the "pod-ites" for well over 52 years and turned over a partially full declassified manila folder labeled only "STRANGERS?". The packet included photographs of the above mentioned cave drawings, a can of Nu Nile hair pomade, and a fan letter from an Egyptian written in hieroglyphics on papyrus that seems to say:

Dear Strangers, you hepcats are real gone and my kitten and me really dig your crazy sound. Check us out when and if you ever tour the Nile, daddy-o.
Git hot or go home,

There is also a series of photographs of four large pods in various stages of what appears to be hatchingness, whereupon four fully clothed lads emerge playing music.

Please do not panic. Do not attempt to adjust the vertical or the horizontal on your television set. Go to your front doorstep and pickup the pod that you'll find waiting for you. It's so nice and quiet. Can't you just imagine no pain? Repeat this phrase, "Doc's Gumbo Grille on Wednesday at 6:57…"Doc's Gumbo Grille on Wednesday at 6:57…"Doc's Gumbo Grille on Wednesday at 6:57…."

The End…or is it?

Well, the living End is that Allen Hinnant, slyde player and musician extraordinaire may fly in on his star cruiser all the way from Sumter to play with the gang...doncha be missing it!

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