Sunday, August 19, 2007


As a parent, you do not train your child for the purpose to hear how well he is from other people. You do so because God's Word commands us to train them in the 'fear and admonition of the Lord Jesus Christ". You train your child to act becomingly, to act with well manners, to respect others, to obey their elder because Scripture tells us to and because we know that it is the right and proper thing but most importantly because it glorifies God and testifies to the 1st question of the catechism.

And it is nice that you hear from a person, a parent, when your child is acting in accordance to those items which Scripture places before His people.

Today, I had a family come to me telling me how their 2.5 year old daughter two-weeks ago on Sunday, could not stop saying jmejr's name and how much she liked him. When they asked why she liked him she said, "because he shares".

We praise God for that report because it is all of Him.

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