Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another Photo Opportunity

Wow. One may think this is all I do with my son. My WLW displays her keen reporter skills by photographing another father/son activity.
This was taken on Saturday.
That morning I along with several others, helped our friends, the Blythes, move into their new home. All their belongings were in storage as they were living with his parents. Their new home is located about 300 feet from his parents and the storage units were located no more than a mile from their new home. We made several trips to the units and were able to move in the majority on their belongings.
JMEjr was with his mother, Lahlah, Aunt Annie, Rohroh, Mrs. Dinkins and of course cje that morning at the mall. His carosel (sp?) ride really wore him out.
I think my WLW is thinking that this is becoming too much of a "usual thing".

We are posed differently from our previous photo shoot, well, at least jmejr is.

Grace, mercy and peace be with you!