Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I mean no disrespect or insult but do you know of those folks who when you pray offer a "mmm" throughout a prayer. I am one of them, so I can speak as one. Well one of our pastors, the Rookie one, and I were speaking about these folks and jokingly I said about another staff's prayer that he got a 12-person 'Mmmm' at one point in his prayer. The Rookie said yeah he did and I, meaning the Rookie, only got a 3 'mmm' during his prayer and that they were all from me and that the 'Mmmm' seemed to have come at odd times during the prayer. I told him that I was most likely distracted by an email I was reading or something from a blog and I needed to show some support of your prayer.

He added that I was giving a "Fake-mmm" (fake-um).

The antonym for a "Fake-Um" is a "Genu-Um". A "Mmmm" given at the appropriate time during a prayer which offers confirmation and agreement to the person praying.

Be mindful of your "Mmmm's" and the placement of your "Mmmm's".


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